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About Us

SFS is an organization with rich experience in student placement and in creating a bridge between international students and American higher education institutions. SFS contributes to cultural diversity, awareness, and understanding between multinational cultures.
We are committed to carefully matching each student's personal interests and potential with institutions that embrace and share similar values. We prepare the path for students who are interested in academics and athletics to obtain scholarships thus improving their chances of successfully joining the academic institutions in US.
OUR COMMITMENT: 100% success rate in obtaining scholarships for our students at American institutions.


Advantage USA


Top Quality Education


  • Accredited degrees recognized world wide
  • Leading in academic research & teaching methods
  • On campus part-time jobs that help international students earn whilst still at college
  • Interaction with an international & diverse student population on campus
  • Unique opportunities to emerge as a global citizen
  • Broaden horizons; develop a better perspective of self & life

USA - An Economic Powerhouse


  • The world’s largest economy
  • Large number of commercial & industrial centres
  • Head-quarter to the world’s largest corporations & most Fortune 500 companies


Advantage SFS


Study in US at the cost of studying in India


SFS makes students afford their dream of learning abroad. The scholarship programs are extensive and all inclusive which cover the tuition fees, boarding, food etc. In other words, one can study abroad at the cost of what it takes to study in India!


How to get guaranteed Scholarship:Step-by-Step Process


  • Enroll & Sign the agreement with SFS
  • Interview at the India Office
  • Document Submission by the student
  • Assessment by US team with universities and furnishing of scholarship offers
  • Select 1 of the Scholarship offers
  • Complete the formalities for final admission
  • Receive I 20
  • Visa Counseling
  • Pre departure Briefing


I was profoundly inclined to take up higher studies in USA but keeping the present inflation rate in mind it was difficult for me to even think about it. It was under the mentor ship and guidance of SFS I got admission with scholarship from 11 universities. The admission counseling services at SFS is the best as it not only assures admission but with guaranteed scholarships. I could have got admission easily at many universities but hardy any scholarship was possible. Due to SFS I am at the final stage of fulfillment of my dream to reach my desired university in USA and gain advance knowledge which I have always planned for. One should consult SFS as SFS would definitely make you get through institutions known for comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum and additionally get you scholarship so that it becomes affordable. Got what I wanted!!

Total number of Admissions with scholarship offers received: 11

University/College: North Dakota State University, NORTH DAKOTA

Total scholarship received: US $53000.00 /

 INR 29 Lacs 16 Thousand
Category of scholarship: Academic


Sikanderjeet (Khalsa college Public School, Amritsar-Punjab) , Bachelors-Mechanical Engineering

Noth Dakota State University