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Unleash your sports potential, we give you pathways to become a pro and to have back-up of academics. Discover complete mentoring, incomparable training and coaching of highest order through our scholarship program.

Under this program, sports trials are conducted in major sports that we cater to. The sports trial is called an Athletic showcase as student athletes from various parts of the world come together to showcase their talent.

The showcase generally features sports coaches from about 100+ Universities and colleges of USA who are scouting for talented amateur student athletes.

The following sports are featured in our showcase

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Golf

The showcase features international student athletes from over 40 countries and coaches representing universities from all across the United States meeting annually for the largest international athletic student recruitment event in the USA.

The athletic showcase is held at a university campus and participants attend a 10 day camp along with coaches, athletic directors, professional players to learn, showcase and ultimately selected by a university.

The best part is that the selected student can study any subject in that university with minimum 50% upto 100% tuition fee waiver and continue to play with the university team. In addition its a networking and multicultural learning opportunity; you will make friendships that last a lifetime while experiencing unforgettable sports competitions, academic, cultural and recreational activities. The added bonus is that our participants also get a true American cultural experience by living daily life on a university campus.


    • At the Athletic Showcase student-athletes ranging 16 to 26 years of age are recruited and receive scholarship offers
    • The Athletic Showcase features a number of sports including soccer, tennis, basketball and golf
    • Male and female students obtain scholarships to begin or continue studies at recognized universities in the United States
    • In addition, our coaches and medical staff accompany the group at all times during their time in the US
    • Our program is a guaranteed success ensuring your opportunity to receive a globally recognized degree while playing your favorite sport and saving thousands of dollars


Note: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida(USA) was the host for 2012 July Athletic Showcase



I wanted to study Medicine but couldnt get through any good college for MBBS in India. With SFS scholarship program,I managed to get unbeatable Admission with Scholarship offers from 12 US universities Bachelor in Biological Sciences with pre-medicine track. I have joined Elizabethtown college (Pennsylvania) with a total scholarship of INR 50 lacsthus reducing my total cost hugely and my dream of becoming a doctor is getting possible.

Total number of Admission with Scholarship offers received: 12

University/College: Elizabeth Town college, PENNSYLVANIA
Total scholarship received: US $91200.00 / INR 50 Lacs 16 Thousand
Category of scholarship: Academic

S M Bhagat (Chennai) , Bachelors in Biological Sciences(Pre-Medicine)

ElizabethTown College, Pennsylvania